7 Gifts for a Sustainable Christmas you should have

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Useful, smart and handy gifts for a responsible and aware Christmas

Christmas is coming and it is extremely hard to understand everything we have been going through this year. How many challenges have we overcome and how much we had to adapt to the new normality. We cannot change the past but surely, we can fight from today to reshape our future. Let’s rethink Christmas this year and celebrate it with all the gratitude as well as affection. Not everyone can share these holidays with their loved ones therefore let us do our best to live fully in this special moment.

Why sustainable? Because we care. It is time to be responsible and does our part in this changing environment. This year we learnt that the tiniest action can make a difference.

Showing that our choices are impactful on a larger scale. We can choose to demonstrate our presence and friendship with a meaningful gift: we can thank our family and our friends but also, we can be indebted to Earth. Every day we receive oxygen, water, food, and accommodation for free. The moment to pay back our landlord has come!

Enjoy this Christmas to donate a sustainable gift and feel free to take inspiration from the following list:

Perfume: A classic gift for a classy person.

“Odors have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will. There is no remedy for it.” Those are Suskind’s words but isn’t it true? Whatever the scent comes from, flowers, bakery, sea, shops… isn't it strong to refuse?

Perfume is a part of our identity, of what we want to be seen by others and is unfailing in our routine as in our special moments.

A sustainable scent runs out of synthetic additives, preservatives, or chemicals. But there’s more: some brands adopt packaging solutions to reduce waste and carbon emissions.

One of the leaders in the world of sustainable perfumes is Floratropia: the rising startup decreases environmental impact by avoiding non-natural raw materials and providing refills in-store.

Phone case

A useful gift for butterfingers friends. Sustainable cases can supply adequate protection and whether you believe it or not, they can be trendy. Some of them are made by compostable plastic: this means that they biodegrade in less time and they do not leave behind toxic residue. You can dispose of a wide choice of stylish graphics and models.

Do you know that there are pressed coffee and flower cases? Exactly. MMore is an outstanding brand that did excellent work by providing 100% sustainability products. The brand uses exclusively organic materials and is committed to planting a tree with every case bought.

Unbelievable, right?

Another shop well stocked is Pela. It offers a top of the range material and related products such as air pods cases, Smartwatch bands and phone grip.

Skincare products

A healthy and gentle cuddle for the one you love and for you also. Nothing is more rewarding than a moment of pleasure, after such a hard time you deserve it.

Buying sustainable skincare or beauty sets it’s totally worth it: not only for the environment but for your health. You avoid toxins and chemical substances found on normal products, plus you can help to reduce plastic packaging and decrease the waste of water.

Products are pricey but the quality is on a whole other level. Follain and Magic Organic Apothecary are two distinguished brands, both dispose of cruelty-free and non-toxic ingredients.

Passport wallet

Does your sweetheart suffer from hardened traveller syndrome? How many travels have you planned together during the lockdown? Well, it is time to leave and to pack your bags. You cannot take off without this fabulous handcrafted vegan passport holder by Corkor; entirely made of the highest quality of cork instead of leather. Water repellent and stain-resistant, this passport wallet is completely animal-free. You can combine it with other accessories of the same line as this briefcase:


With the hope that the virus will no longer cancel or postpone our future plans, here is a handy idea accessible for everyone. Paper and especially ink recycling has been one of the latest revolutions. Do you know that most of the inks are made from heavy petroleum distillate? In environmental terms, it means that leaves toxins, it is not biodegradable and some studies revealed it as a cancerian substance. The last year's old ink was replaced by soy-based ink and many brands adopted a new type of mixed recycled paper such as stone paper. You can access a wide choice of size and patterns:

A plant

Whether you want to wish good luck, whether you want to show your affection to someone else, a plant is always the right gift.

A simple gesture with deep meaning, each plant hides a different story.

Decorum is a cooperation of selected and passionate plants- and flower growers with the ambition to produce and live CO” neutral. How can we reach this aim?

  • Choosing a degradable and renewable package

  • Using natural pesticides

  • Saving use of water

  • Using sustainable heat sources

You can access a wide range of plants on the site under the Products section.

Coffee or teacup

Can you find something more personal than a cup?

Struggling to stay awake at work? Need help to face finals? A personalized cup is a perfect alley for daily battles. You can choose from a huge choice of contemporary patterns and vibrant colours and a lot of plastic-free models. EcoffeeCup follows a sustainable mission and replaces the plastic with vegan materials such as natural fibre, corn stache, resin and silicone. Free from animal or animal-derived products and suitable for microwaving those cups are insane!

The Christmas gift list is going to end but let's take a look at Santa Claus' bag: stay tuned because Vizuri denim is hatching some goodies for a fashionable and sustainable 2021!

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